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Fearlessly alone, surrounded by love, you or a loved one has gone deep into the unknown of birthing a baby. Now, it is essential to restore and nurture your body back to balance. Give it the nourishment and rest it requires. The food you eat will support and facilitate the healing process.

Eating rightly provides your body with the special nutrients needed to strengthen and ease your way into the world of motherhood. Whether you are a first-time mother or not, our bodies respond differently with each birth. In many cultures the first 40 days are spent resting, recovering and synchronizing oneself to the divine presence of this new being. In our modern-day culture this is not always possible. You must remember to trust and take the time to listen, ask for support, emotionally, physically and nutritionally in this momentous, precious new beginning.

We offer food packages that heal, nourish and restore the body afterbirth: soups, broths, cereals, snacks, ghee, superfoods and teas. The soups are delivered frozen in glass mason jars which are yours for future use.

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